Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Every year the renowned Pantone Color Institute (PCI) announces a "Color of the Year". This year it is called Ultra Violet (PANTONE® 18-3838). As the PCI itself puts it: "The Color of the Year is ..."

Texture-Trends: Opulent and indulging

Texture trends are (also) determined by certain lifestyles. People of this lifestyle love everything pampering and indulging. For them it’s important to feel comfortable, experience relishing warmth and security.

Texture-Trends: Surprising and individual

...some people are individual and looking for adventure and fun. That's why they are always open for anything new and special. Also, textures have to surprise. Whereas it's less about the texture itself than the effect it offers - no problem if it's without any deeper sense.

Energy Management: Balancing Activation and Relaxation

In times of a trend “Life Design” it is important to be on top of things and in charge at all times. That is why our body is supposed to “function” optimally in any situation. The quest for effective food stuff is to be seen as an answer to this trend of self-optimisation. According to the given situation, food should have activating or relaxing characteristics. Other welcome features are...

The Dream Team: Food and Beauty

There is a clear relation between food, health and beauty: healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle cause a healthy looking and therefore attractive appearance. This is nothing new, but never before there have been so many exciting connections between these two categories, food and beauty.
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The 5 ½ Trends for 2017

Here is our personal top-list of the most important themes 2017. If you want to learn more, send an email to We are looking forward to provide you with more inspiration!

Texture-Trends: Light and Rich

Textures are getting more and more important in the beauty industry. Enhancing the product benefit with sensual attributes they add value in their own right. Light and rich One should have more confidence in them: the new watery products are packed with active ingredients! Transparent, cool, and sophisticated, that is the first impression. Due to […]
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Texture-Trends: Lacklustre and tactile

Textures are getting more and more important in the beauty industry. Enhancing the product benefit with sensual attributes they add value in their own right. Even more exciting are apparent contradictions morphing into surprising experiences. Lacklustre and tactile At first dry, powdery products like e.g. Za Pore Minimizer from Korea become soft and very smooth […]
Swavoury Food

Swavoury Food

Looking for new and unique taste experiences you always start with combinations of the five fundamental taste sensations: sweet, bitter, savoury, sour, and umami. It is a case of refinement if you get these combinations right. Especially sweet and savoury is on the rise: swavoury food is fashionable. It started with salted caramel and chocolate […]
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Water—A valuable resource

Fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce. 70% of our world is covered with water. The point is that only 2.5% is fresh water and only another 1% of this water is accessible for direct human use. In the beauty industry this topic is a starting point for a variety of innovations of waterless or water […]