Energy Management: Balancing Activation and Relaxation

In times of a trend “Life Design” it is important to be on top of things and in charge at all times. That is why our body is supposed to “function” optimally in any situation. The quest for effective food stuff is to be seen as an answer to this trend of self-optimisation. According to the given situation, food should have activating or relaxing characteristics. Other welcome features are health and wellness, naturalness and sustainability. The demand for food and beverages with either activating or relaxing benefits is growing.

The following consumer insights fit the bill:

  • „As soon as I get tired, I need a bit of a push, then I can carry on.”
  • „In the morning, I want to start my engines quickly. And at night I want to wind down so that I can go to sleep easily.”
  • „I want something that is always available wherever I am, an on-the-go-product.“

There are big differences between potential target groups:

  • Some look for natural ingredients, preferably based on good old homespun remedies. Others love scientific and innovative state-of-the-art reasoning.
  • Older target groups rather think about mental fitness, and of course about natural solutions to sleeping problems.
  • Parents would like to support their school children with healthy snacks that make learning a breeze and ease the stress before exams.

There is a vast variety of needs, situations, applications, ingredients … So let´s have a look what is already out there.


From Mushroom Coffee to Superfoods

Red Bull and Gatorade belong to the first generation of energy drinks, trailblazers in Energy Management. Since they´ve been launched the market has become much larger and quite confusing: healthy snacks, natural detox drinks, nutritional supplements with superfoods… All of them are hunting the same grounds.


Let´s start with the classical „energy drinks“ – tea and coffee. Here we find a lot of interesting products:

Also very popular are juices:

  • LEoPARD ( tastes of pear and is sponsor of sports events.
  • Greene Street Juice ( is mostly about detox.


But for the „kick“ in-between you don´t need to limit yourself to something liquid. Why not try e.g.

  • Energy Cookies ( ,
  • GoCube, a kind of coffee toffee (,
  • Superfood powder, e.g. as topping over salad (, or
  • Nourish´d lunch delivery (, unfortunately only available in London.

Also only in UK social media star Ella Woodward of DeliciouslyElla offers mouth-watering Energy Balls in her shops. For everyone outside UK: she shared the recipe on YouTube!




The search for similar food stuff for relaxation and sleep is much more demanding. Very interesting is the approach of Synlait Night Milk. It is milk by cows which are milked at night, so naturally it contains more melatonin. (

In Lidl shops in Spain there is also a juice with melatonin ( Lidl Solevita functional juice Relax.

Nightfood offers sweet bars which are supposed to be more healthy and „sleep-friendly“ than your regular chocolate bar (


Sleep is on Trend

Until now the market focus was less on relaxation and more on energy drinks and food stuff which gives physical and mental energy. The reason may be that relaxation is more individual and that healthy sleep is best achieved through downshifting rituals not products. But the time is now to offer new concepts and products: healthy and recreative sleep is a hot trend topic, and not only connected with beds, lighting, and health apps.

For example, what about healthy ready meals for dinner which prevent ravenous appetite in front of the TV screen – and therefore ensure better sleep? Or functional products with body regenerating effects, working best while sleeping – a concept that is well-known in skin care?

The opportunity is there, seize it!

If you are looking for new concepts for your brand, we are happy to support you…






Photos: Hernan Sanchez/Toa Heftiba