Texture-Trends: Lacklustre and tactile

Textures are getting more and more important in the beauty industry. Enhancing the product benefit with sensual attributes they add value in their own right.
Even more exciting are apparent contradictions morphing into surprising experiences.

Lacklustre and tactile

At first dry, powdery products like e.g. Za Pore Minimizer from Korea become soft and very smooth when applied on skin. A blink of an eye later they evolve into a certain kind of tender bluntness.
Enzyme peelings are also mostly dry and dusty. However, they do their peeling job all the more tender and mild. Hairscrubs like Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Peeling deliver residue-free clean hair but without damaging the structure.

We are talking about products being less cosmetic and luxurious due to their format (rough, lacklustre, dry). But quickly resolving these contradictions turns out their unique charm: skin becomes tender and smooth, hair gets perfectly prepared for taking up new caring ingredients.

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