Texture-Trends: Opulent and indulging

Textures are getting more and more important in the beauty industry. Enhancing the product benefit with sensual attributes they add value in their own right.

Opulent and indulging

Texture trends are (also) determined by certain lifestyles. People of this lifestyle love everything pampering and indulging. For them it’s important to feel comfortable, experience relishing warmth and security. This goes with a cuddly interior decoration including lots of cushions as well as with a warm, thick and creamy chocolate drink. Obviously, this is linked to the search for safety and familiarity.

That’s why textures also should be rich and pampering. Like marshmallows or cotton balls, everything soft, fluffy and cuddly is welcomed. A bit playful and always slightly too much of a good thing. Then it’s spot-on: super-creamy ice cream, sweet creams, sticky slow-moving honey. This arises childhood memories.

There are many product examples for this trend.

Nourishing, indulging but supposed to be heavy:

  • Kenzoki’s “Riz-Au-Lait”, a peeling product with an appearance and consistency like rice pudding.
  • Bodyshop offers butter in a jar melting when applied on skin: www.thebodyshop.com
  • Butter in one piece is available from Lush. Applied while showering it combines care and peeling properties in one product: www.lush.com

One could dive into these full and rich products:

  • Pantene Foam Conditioner with its super-creamy foam.
  • Lush body lotion looking and feeling like mayonnaise:
Talking about contradictions is the interesting thing here: On first sight we have these heavy, thick and greasy textures. Surprisingly they deliver not even a hint of all these negative attributes. This kind of products “play” the positive associations and properties without the related disadvantages.

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Photos: Jennifer Pallian/Luiz Felipe/Three-shots