Texture-Trends: Surprising and individual

Textures are getting more and more important in the beauty industry. Enhancing the product benefit with sensual attributes they add value in their own right.

Surprising and individual

No matter if climbing a path over the abyss or running a house wall vertically down: some people are individual and looking for adventure and fun. That’s why they are always open for anything new and special.

Also textures have to surprise. Whereas it’s less about the texture itself than the effect it offers – no problem if it’s without any deeper sense. Hot or cold, spicy or prickling. The main thing is, something is happening and one can experience it – surprising or exaggerated.


Some manifestations for this trend:

  • Surprisingly cold and crackling is the Venus Refreshing Crackling Mousse, really hot is Origins Warming Lava Scrub. www.origins.com.
  • The Skinfood Pore Fit Cushion Bottle comes from Korea. It’s extremely cooling and thus tightening pores for a smooth and gentle skin appearance.
  • A fascinating surprise offers Lush with its Shower Jelly. As real jelly, it is slimy and slippery but at the same time also foaming and cleaning. www.lush.com
This lifestyle is also an interesting topic for men. Barber shops for real guys are on the rise everywhere. The male quest for action and thrill could also be answered by product offers like hot cleansing cloths or masks with hot/cold effect.

Cosmetics fresh from the fridge e.g. ice cooled body lotions looking like a popsicle could also be a springboard for first ideas. Maybe there are also ideas for the opposite: cosmetics from the oven…

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Photos: pexels