We capture the future with you. You need fresh ideas and impulses for your business? We think outside the box together with you, we challenge and provide a different perspective. For promising innovations.


Socio-cultural Trends
Consumer needs and attitudes change. Thus observing long term trends is of crucial importance for brand management. Working with our own trend-model we deal with societal developments for many years. Based on this we analyze what the consequences are for your brand and work out concrete recommendations.

Product Trends
Long term trends manifest themselves also in products. Keeping track of product trends provides insight and inspiration at the same time. We do individual research on innovative products and developments in your industry and also in adjacent areas.


In our IdeaLab we develop not only promising but also concept-ready ideas with you. Our approach combines creative elements to generate ideas with strategic aspects. Because experience shows that creativity alone is not sufficient.

Areas of innovation for long-term strategy

It is not always about short- and medium term ideas. We also run projects to define areas for long-term innovation. Drivers can be e.g. socio-cultural trends or new technologies.
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We know marketing. You have an exciting product or a promising innovation? We develop a corresponding marketing concept to make your customers recognize its potential.
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